Rob Kardashian 60+ lbs Weight Loss Story

RobWhen Rob Kardashian first appeared on TV after having gained almost 100 pounds, the world was shocked. Rumors quickly spread about his weight problems being caused by diabetes, mental breakdowns and new medications he might be on. For Rob, it wasn’t the nasty rumors about what caused his weight gain that got to him, but people’s rude comments about his appearance.

“It was a horrible feeling. I knew I let myself go, but to have everyone you know plus the public making fun of you….it was really hard. “

He wen’t on to talk about his experiences even in places where his celebrity status was unknown.

“I never had issues with weight while growing up. So being treated differently was knew to me.  When you’re fat and out of shape, you get 2 different types of treatment from people. The first, people treat you like you have some sort of disease. Like you’re disgusting and they can’t stand to be in the same room as you. The second, people treat you like a 2 year old. Calling you sweety and sugar and I guess; also treating you like you’re diseased haha, but this time it’s like you have a deadly disease that you can’t do anything about and

Rob Kardashian Weight Gainthey feel sorry for you. I didn’t like either.”

After what Rob describes as, “the point where all hell broke lose

” a.k.a after his first appearance on TV after gaining almost 100 pounds…he knew it was time to drop the weight and get healthy again. So, Ron began his 2 month journey into weight loss and in the end, came out on top.

Rob’s weight loss transformation was so inspiring that we decided to detail it from A to Z,  so that other people struggling to lose weight could follow along and achieve the same results. On this website you will find details.

Rob Kardashian Weight Loss

“I believe my weight loss was successful for one reason. I got into a routine and I followed it. Without the routine you’re just shooting in the dark, doing random acts of healthy eating and exercising in hopes to get a return for your efforts. My routine gave me a path to success and all I needed to do was follow it.”led information about Rob Kardashian’s diet plan, workout routine and supplements used to achieve his 60 pound weight loss transformation in less then 2 months. Below, is an overview of his exercise and dieting routine.

Skinny Rob Kardashian Rob Kardashians Dieting and Exercise Routine- Quick Overview

When it comes to dieting, my routine is very simple. In the morning I eat a large breakfast, at least larger then I used to. I drink at least 16 ounces of water and take my supplements with breakfast. After that, life is normal until we get to lunch time. My supplements and large breakfast in the morning keep me feeling full until about 1:30-2:00pm. Instead of eating another meal, I supplement lunch with a protein meal replacement shake. After lunch, I take one more of my weight loss pills. At 3:30 everyday I made sure I did some sort of exercise. When I started out, this really wasn’t much more than a walk around the block. But I made sure I at least broke a sweat every time. As the weight started dropping I increased the exercise and started hitting the gym a little, jogging, and playing basketball.

That would take me up to dinner time where I again, would make sure to have a healthy, light meal. Also, throughout the day I made sure I was drinking plenty of water.

Naturally, we were curious as to what these supplements were that Rob mentioned he took at breakfast and with lunch. As it turns out, Rob was taking a little known Hollywood secret for weight loss called Garcinia Cambogia.

“It’s kind of funny actually the first day I decided to go on a diet I was just randomly watching Dr. Oz on TV. I was just flipping through the channels and happened to stop I mean I absolutely never watch Dr. Oz I even know what made me stop. But his whole show was on weight loss and this new all natural weight loss supplement that some celebrity model put him showed him a couple months ago. They had a free trial offer on the show that day so I just decided to get the sample. After that I was hooked. It really helped me throughout my weight loss and I still take it today. After all, I’m not finished losing weight yet.